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Four Tips on How to Take Photos Following a Car Accident

April 30, 2022 Car Accident

You may have heard you should take pictures after a car accident to help prove the causes of the accident and the parties who may be held responsible. But taking photos for legal evidence is not the same as taking selfies on vacation. A knowledgeable Atlanta personal injury lawyer explains how to approach the process and what you should try to include in your photos. Here are four tips for taking photos after a car accident.

The Process of Taking Helpful Photos After an Accident

  1. Focus on Safety: You or whoever is taking the photos needs to focus on safety. Do not put yourself in danger by stepping too close to traffic even if you think that can get you the perfect angle.
  2. Take Photos ASAP: While staying safe, take photos as soon as possible after the accident. As time passes, conditions will change and you want to capture the scene as it was at the time of the collision or soon after. If you are injured and unable to get pictures, have someone else take photos for you. If you use a camera with a time and date stamp, make sure these elements are set correctly before you start taking pictures.
  3. Take more photos than you think you might need: Capture images from different perspectives and distances. Take some close-up shots as well as images that show a whole scene. It can be hard to know what information might be important later, so cover everything in detail.
  4. Take Photos of Many Different Things: The most important tip about shooting photos after a car accident is to take photos of all the essential features that could help establish liability and show the extent of the harm caused. Personal injury lawyers experienced in handling motor vehicle accidents recommend taking pictures of:
  • Damage to the inside and outs/ide of all vehicles
  • Damage to signs, buildings, or objects
  • Injuries both right after the accident and during the healing process
  • All traffic signs in the vicinity of the accident scene
  • All the area around the scene of an accident with special attention on objects that obstruct views
  • Witnesses, police officers, and other drivers
  • Identifying information such as license plates, insurance cards, and vehicle models
  • Surrounding businesses

Some of the photographs may be useful as evidence of liability or damages later. Other photos could help you recall the accident. Photos of surrounding businesses can give you the names of places to contact to see if they have security camera footage that shows the accident or vehicles entering or leaving the scene.

An Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Can Help Document the Scene After an Accident

A car accident can turn your life upside down, and it may not be possible for you to do everything you know you should, including collecting evidence. This may be a good time to consult a dedicated car accident lawyer in Atlanta.

Your legal advisor could evaluate your case and help gather and preserve evidence to establish liability, including documenting the scene and seeking images from other sources such as nearby businesses or traffic cameras. For a free consultation with the personal injury team at DuBose Miller, contact our office today.