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Understanding Your Rights as an Injured Construction Worker

August 30, 2022 Construction Worksite Accidents

Injured construction workers in Atlanta are often unaware that they may have rights outside of or in addition to the limited benefits available through the Georgia workers’ compensation program. In some cases, workers injured in construction worksite accidents may not be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits but could be eligible to recover compensation through a lawsuit. In other situations, an injured employee could potentially receive workers’ compensation benefits through the employer’s insurance and additional damages through a lawsuit.

Workers are entitled to understand their rights under the law. A dedicated personal injury lawyer familiar with industrial and workplace accidents could explain the recovery options in your particular situation.

Compensation May Be Available From Someone Other Than Your Employer

Accidents on a construction site may be caused by a wide variety of factors. Sometimes, two or more elements combine to cause an injury. For example, a construction worker could be injured when a critical piece of equipment breaks. In that case, the fault may lie with the company that made the machine, manufactured one of the components of the machine, or that provided maintenance services for that machine. A workplace accident lawyer could investigate to determine the cause of the injury and the parties who may potentially be held liable.

The workers’ compensation scheme prevents injured employees from suing the employer in many cases. However, injured construction workers are still able to file a lawsuit against outside parties who may be liable for their injuries, such as manufacturers and maintenance firms.

Workers’ Compensation Limitations Do Not Apply to Every Workplace Injury

Workers’ compensation limits some but not all lawsuits after a construction workplace injury. Certain employers are not covered under the workers’ compensation program. Additionally, workers’ compensation only applies to employees, so injuries to workers who are considered independent contractors are not handled through the workers’ compensation scheme. An accident lawyer could help an injured construction worker pursue compensation through a lawsuit in these situations.

Even in cases where workers’ compensation would normally apply, an injured worker might be able to file a lawsuit if the employer caused harm to employees because of severe wrongdoing, such as intentional assault. Ordinary negligence on the part of the employer is not enough to allow a lawsuit for damages, however.

Learn More About Your Rights as an Injured Construction Worker in Atlanta

Georgia laws give you certain rights as an injured construction worker, but those rights do you no good if you do not learn about them and take advantage of the provisions involved. A workplace injury can leave you with permanent disabilities and affect your future earning potential for the rest of your life.

If you suffered injuries on the job, you owe it to yourself and your family to learn more about your options for recovering compensation for pain, suffering, and other losses not covered by workers’ compensation. The compassionate injury attorneys at DuBose Miller understand your needs are and ready to fight for your future. For a free consultation to learn what may be possible in your case, contact us now.