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While facing any type of criminal charge can be scary and consequential for your future, being charged with a federal crime is especially concerning. At the law office of DuBose Miller, our attorneys have extensive experience representing Georgia clients facing federal criminal charges. If you are in this situation, the most important thing that you can do is to call an attorney. Our firm can review your case and start working for you immediately.

What Is a Federal Crime?

A federal crime is one that violates federal law and falls under the jurisdiction of a federal agency. While some state crimes may also cross over into this category, a crime is officially classified as federal when the charges are brought against the defendant by an Assistant United States Attorney or the U.S. Attorney General’s Office.

Federal crimes will involve the cooperation of federal agencies, such as the FBI, to prosecute. State crimes, on the other hand, are brought by a state attorney and will usually only involve state agencies, such as the state police or sheriff’s office.

Common Types of Federal Crimes

There are numerous types of federal crimes. If you have been charged by a federal agency, you need to get help from a legal professional immediately. Common federal crimes include:

  • Drug trafficking. Moving drugs across state lines is a serious offense. Those who are accused of trafficking drugs may face a penalty that includes years in prison and large fines.
  • Terrorism. Terrorism is one of the most serious federal crimes. A terrorism conviction could result in a life-long prison sentence or even the death penalty in some cases.
  • Treason. Like terrorism, treason is one of the most serious of federal crimes. Also like terrorism, treason is one of the few federal crimes that can result in capital punishment.
  • Federal sex crimes. There are multiple sex crimes that fall under federal jurisdiction. These may include child pornography crimes, computer sex crimes, child sexual exploitation, human trafficking, and more.
  • Computer crimes. Using a computer as an instrument for fraud, or using a computer to commit a bank crime, espionage, and other threats is in violation of federal law.
  • White-collar crimes. Many white-collar crimes are federal crimes. White-collar crimes include offenses such as embezzlement, mail fraud, computer fraud, identity theft, and antitrust violations.
  • Immigration violations. Immigration laws are set by the federal government. An immigration law violation is a federal crime.
  • Organized crime. Organized crime might include offenses such as drug trafficking, smuggling, human trafficking, extortion, money laundering, firearms trafficking, smuggling, cybercrimes, and more.
  • Certain violent crimes. Some violent crimes are federal crimes. For example, a murder occurs on federal property. Other types of violent crimes that are federal crimes include violence committed by gangs, human trafficking, involuntary servitude, and more.

If you have been charged with a federal crime, you can count on our law firm to work hard to defend you. Call us today to get started.

What Are the Penalties for Federal Crimes?

The penalties for a federal criminal conviction can vary greatly. For example, committing tax evasion could result in a fine; committing terrorism could result in capital punishment. The extent of the penalties one might face is based on the type of crime, the severity of the crime, and the defendant’s criminal history.

The Importance of Hiring a Federal Crime Defense Attorney

Hiring a skilled and knowledgeable defense attorney is one of the most important things that you can do if you are facing criminal charges. Unlike many state crimes, federal crimes are selectively pursued; and the United States government can use virtually unlimited resources to secure a conviction.

You are facing the resources of the federal government if you are charged with a federal crime, not an overworked state prosecutor. This means that you will have an uphill battle in defending yourself, the evidence against you will probably be more solid, and you will need a highly experienced attorney on your side who can provide you with a strong legal defense.

If you are convicted of a federal crime, your entire life may change. You could face years in prison, large fines, a revocation of your driver’s license or any professional licenses you hold, and a permanent mark on your criminal record that prevents you from accessing many future opportunities.

How Our Federal Crimes Defense Attorneys Will Help You

When you call the attorneys at the office of DuBose Miller, you are choosing a law firm with the experience and commitment to its clients that you can trust. Here are the ways in which our federal crimes defense lawyers will help you:

  • Explain the charges and penalties. The first thing that we will do is explain to you the breadth of the charges you’re facing and any potential penalties you face.
  • Reviewing your case and the evidence. We’ll also conduct our own investigation into your case and thoroughly review the prosecution’s evidence against you. This helps us to make a recommendation about whether you should enter a plea bargain and plead guilty, or if you should plead not guilty and defend yourself against charges.
  • Negotiating your plea bargain or building your defense. Depending on which course is best for your case, we can either represent you in negotiating your plea bargain, or we can manage to build your defense and case strategy. We are highly experienced in both.
  • Protecting your Constitutional rights. As a defendant in a criminal case, you have many Constitutional rights. Unfortunately, these rights are sometimes breached by the prosecution in order to try to secure a conviction. We’ll diligently work to protect these rights and ensure the prosecution doesn’t get away with anything unethical.
  • Advocating for your best interests. Both in and outside of the courtroom, our team will be advocating for you every step of the way.

Call Our Georgia Federal Crimes Defense Firm Today

If you have been charged with a federal crime, make our law firm your first call. You can reach us by phone, in person, or online to schedule a consultation. We are ready to go to work for you!

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