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Hazards To Avoid During Summer Vacation

June 18, 2023 Blog

Summer season is everyone’s favorite time of the year because of the warm and welcoming weather and plenty of vacationing opportunities. Unfortunately, this is also that time of the year when accident rates spike. With more people on the roads, crowded public places, hotels and swimming pools, and overenthusiastic revelers increase the risk of accidents and injuries.

It’s best to plan ahead whether you are taking a trip, vacation, or enjoying your summer at home. Be prepared to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney if you are involved in an accident. If you or someone you love was injured because of another’s negligence, you could sue them for compensation.

Here are a few typical summer hazards in Atlanta for vacationers:

Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents are the biggest risks faced in everyday life. Based on this, the risk becomes greater when you are on vacation. You can expect the traffic to get much worse when you are at a popular vacation spot. The fact that the roads are full of people who are unfamiliar with the terrain and in a hurry to reach their destination contributes to the overall problem.

You need to be especially careful at night. Drunken driving is a serious risk on Atlanta roads. You should give yourself additional time whenever you hit the roads to account for traffic. Difficulty in finding parking leads to people driving recklessly too.

Swimming Accidents

Swimming pool and beach accidents are at their peak during the summer months. It means that people can shed their winter wear and hop into the water. It also means a flood of tourists visiting the local hotels and beaches. You should bring proper protective equipment wherever you go swimming. Even if there are lifeguards on duty, you should carry enough life jackets if you head into deeper waters.

Make sure you know how to handle a rip tide if you plan on exploring natural waters. Beaches are unpredictable. The strongest swimmers can get pulled into the water by a rogue tide. Swimming pool accidents are on the rise during the summer months as well. If you own a pool, you should ensure that visitors are kept safe by putting up a fence around it.

Make sure everyone follows basic rules of safety before entering the water. This can be helpful in avoiding unnecessary accident claims. Even though the claim would come out of your homeowner’s insurance, it’s best to avoid these summer hazards. You should also speak with a competent personal injury attorney to maximize compensation if you were injured on someone else’s property because of their negligence. This is someone who knows how to survive intense situations because they have been through the legal hot zones before.

Pedestrian and Bicyclist Accidents

Pedestrian accidents and bicyclist crashes are on the rise during vacation season. Communities that get a large vacation crowd often experience a lot of foot traffic. The greater number of cars on the roads lays the groundwork for more injured pedestrians. If you are walking or biking with your family during vacation season, you should make sure that you are familiar with road signs and local laws. You should also give a wide berth to cars and other road users to avoid an accident.

Animal Bites

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they have been known to attack. Many dog owners spend a lot of time outdoors with their pets during summertime. In fact, most owners bring their dogs and other pets on vacations. The most well-behaved dogs can suddenly attack if triggered.

Being around many strangers can make dogs turn aggressive. Dog bites can be vicious and result in severe injuries. This is especially true for children and seniors. Owners are responsible for keeping an eye out for their pets to ensure they don’t harm anyone. If you were injured in an animal attack, you should immediately consult with an injury attorney to learn more about available legal options.

Safety Tips for Summer Travel

  • Always apply plenty of sunscreen, especially when you are out on the beach.
  • Drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated. Try to limit your time outdoors during the hottest part of the day. Never leave an animal or a child in the car by themselves.
  • Watch your children when you spend a day at the pool or beach to make sure they are not in any danger. It is best to swim at pools and beaches where there is a lifeguard on duty.
  • If you have a pet, you should keep a close eye on them to ensure they don’t get close to any strangers.
  • Always get plenty of rest as well before a summer road trip.
  • Summer driving equates to increased road construction. You need to make sure you plan your trip in advance and reach the destination on time.
  • Don’t use your phone while driving.

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