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The Most Common Car Accident Injuries Seen by Personal Injury Attorneys in Atlanta

May 30, 2022 Car Accident

Unfortunately, car accidents cause injuries every day in Atlanta. Personal injury lawyers see a wide range of injuries ranging from minor bruising to life-threatening injuries or even wrongful death. Some of these injuries are not immediately apparent, so it is wise for anyone in a vehicle accident to seek medical attention as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment.

Some people are embarrassed to see the doctor if they believe their injuries are minor. However, many of the most common car accident injuries may cause little or no pain at first despite their severity. Accident attorneys see common car accident injuries in Atlanta generally include the conditions outlined below.

Car Accidents Frequently Result in Bone Fractures

Broken bones are painful, and for that reason, they are often among the more immediately obvious injuries after a car accident. A simple fracture may heal with few long-term effects. Multiple or compound fractures, however, could require surgery. Car accident lawyers often see situations where bone fractures impair a victim’s ability to function far into the future.

Head Injuries Can Be Devastating After a Car Accident

The most severe injuries are often not visible after a car accident, and this includes head injuries. In a collision, the brain can be damaged when the victim’s head hits a hard object such as the windshield. Brain damage can also be caused by the internal impact of the brain against the skull.

Since the brain controls virtually all bodily functions, injuries to the head can have devastating consequences. Car accident attorneys know that victims with head injuries may require a lifetime of medical treatment and can suffer mental and physical problems that never fully heal.

Soft Tissue Injuries Are Common in Accident Cases

The body’s soft tissues absorb some of the greatest impacts in a car accident. Whiplash, caused when the victim’s neck is snapped violently during a collision, is extremely common after a car crash. This injury can prevent an accident victim from working or performing everyday tasks without severe pain.

Other soft tissue injuries common in car accident cases include sprains in different parts of the back and injuries to arms and legs caused by impact against the car dashboard or other surfaces.

Lacerations May Be the Most Visible Car Accident Injuries

The sudden impact of a car accident causes personal belongings in the vehicle to become projectiles capable of causing a variety of injuries to the skin. In addition, broken glass and other parts of the vehicle can tear or damage the skin, leaving victims bleeding and bruised. These injuries are often painful and disfiguring.

Consult a Dedicated Atlanta Car Accident Attorney About Your Injuries

Car accident victims often suffer from injuries that leave no physical signs at all. These can include severe injuries to internal organs. But they also include emotional and mental trauma that haunt victims for years into the future.

Regardless of the type of injury, if you were harmed because of another person’s lack of responsible behavior, you may be entitled to compensation to help make up for the effects. To learn what may be possible in your case, talk to one of the experienced accident lawyers at DuBose Miller today.