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The Role Of Social Media In Car Accidents: Distractions, Evidence, And Legal Issues

June 15, 2023 Blog

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of serious car accidents and injuries. Many negligent drivers continue to use social media communication via cell phones while driving, despite the fact that significant civil and criminal penalties may be imposed if you use your cell phone while driving.

The consequences of social media usage while driving can be devastating for the victims. Distracted driving resulting from cell phone use causes a large number of injuries and deaths in the US each year. If you or someone you love was injured in a distracted driving accident, a dedicated car accident attorney will be able to help you maximize compensation and get the justice you deserve.

Distracted Driving and Social Media Usage

Distracted driving has become a huge menace in society with virtually everyone owning a cell phone. Social media use while driving is a growing threat to road safety. The introduction of in-car communication systems that allow a motorist to access social media doesn’t help. Distracted driving because of social media comments, likes, and reading social posts and messages have become a hot debate in Atlanta.

The growing popularity of a variety of social media apps has made the use of social media while driving dangerous. It can lead to severe injuries and death. Drivers that take their eyes off the road to check social media messages place themselves and other motorists at a high risk of accidents.

Several studies show that distracted driving injures and kills thousands of people every year in the country. Many accidents occur because drivers are using social media apps while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, many of the distracted drivers involved in accidents due to social media use are teen drivers.

As per recent research carried out by the Institute of Advanced Motorists and the Transport Research Laboratory, a driver’s reaction time gets reduced significantly when looking through social media feeds. In fact, reaction times are almost three times slower for distracted drivers as compared to those that are intoxicated. Reduced reaction time has the potential to result in serious crashes.

Legal Issues Related to Driving and Social Media Use

It is illegal to use a phone while driving. Texting, taking photos, talking, and playing games can be highly distractive, which can make you lose control of the vehicle. The use of cell phones while driving can easily lead to rear-end crashes. You should be aware of your rights if you find yourself in a car crash. You should also have an accurate idea of what your claim is worth.

In 2018, Georgia enacted the hands-free law, which makes it illegal to use any handheld device while driving. Drivers are not allowed to hold a cell phone in their hand. In fact, motorists are banned from having a cell phone on any part of their body if they have to take a call. Drivers are only allowed to use hands-free instruments to talk while driving.

They cannot use cell phones to scroll through social media feeds or text. They can send voice-to-text as long as it complies with the hands-free law. Drivers are not allowed to watch videos while driving as well. The fine for breaking the hands-free law is $50 for the first offense. It will also add a point against your driver’s license. Penalties for subsequent offenses are harsher.

Evidence to Prove Liability in Distracted Driving Cases

Auto accidents can often result in serious injuries that equate to expensive medical bills, significant pain and suffering, and lost wages. Some victims are left with lifetime injuries and permanent disabilities. If you or someone you love was injured in a car accident caused by a distracted driver, you should speak with a qualified personal injury attorney.

Evidence to prove that distracted driving because of social media use can be tricky. You can always ask for cell phone records that show data usage. Your attorney will also look for eyewitnesses that testify against the at-fault party. Accidents can occur when a driver is fulfilling the requirements of a social media challenge. For instance, the KiKi challenge required drivers to exit their moving vehicles to the popular Drake song and dance to it.

If your accident was the result of such an incident, it may be easier to establish liability and prove damages. Moreover, car insurance companies don’t always make it easy for victims to get the compensation they deserve. They may blame you for contributing to the accident. You need a capable attorney on your side that can provide solid legal representation.

A police report is a key piece of evidence in proving distracted driving. The officer responding to the accident call may make their own observations that implicate or suggest distracted driving. The at-fault driver may have used their phone to post something online. Your attorney can use the time and date stamp on the post to prove that they were using their cell phones.

Many newer vehicles come with advanced features and computer equipment that track a driver’s activity behind the wheel. There could be a digital record of whether the driver was actively using their cell phone when the crash occurred.

Get Legal Representation from a Skilled and Knowledgeable Car Accident Lawyer

At Dubose Miller, our attorneys are aware of the challenges involved in proving social media-related distracted driving. We can provide you with strong legal representation and help you obtain the largest possible compensation you deserve. To request your free case evaluation, call us at (404) 720-8111 or reach us online