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DuBose Miller is a boutique trial law firm with a specialized practice that focuses on complex cases in personal injury, business and criminal law.

Founding partners Von A. DuBose and Tanya F. Miller share both an academic background and a common passion – trying tough cases in the courtroom. Though they followed divergent paths in their early careers, each arrived at the same compelling conclusion: they also shared a moral obligation to use their vast trial experience and superior courtroom skills to stand up for what’s right.

Personal Injury

Whether you were hurt as the result of an accident, error, negligence, or carelessness –inflicted inadvertently or with malicious intent – somebody or something caused your injury and, therefore, bears responsibility.

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Business Injury

From the individual entrepreneur to the titans of industry, everyone in business deserves a fair shake. When business agreements go awry, whether as a result of fraud, corruption, greed, bad faith or simple misunderstanding, DuBose Miller steps in to protect both your immediate livelihood and your long-term commercial interests.

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Criminal Defense

With extensive experience in both federal and state courts, DuBose Miller has the confidence and expertise to help you understand the criminal charges against you, advise you on options and potential outcomes, mount a rigorous criminal defense strategy, and exercise your constitutional rights to face your accuser and clear your name.

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